Meaning of the Irish name Ciara. Listen and learn how to pronounce Ciara so you can get the correct pronunciation for this Irish girl name.

MEANING: The feminine form of Ciaran, from the Irish ciar meaning “dark” and implies “dark hair and brown eyes.” St. Ciara was a distinguished seventh-century figure who established a monastery at Kilkeary in County Tipperary. It was the fourth most popular baby girl name in Ireland in 2003.

GENDER: Girl | Female



ENGLISH: Keera, Keira, Kira

AUDIO: (Listen to the late author Frank McCourt pronounce Ciara and read along with the meaning)

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  1. Can you add my spelling also please? It’s spelled Ceire, but is also pronounced Kee Rah. I know it’s not common, but it is a much older version of the name and there are several ‘Ceire’s in the world. It would be great to get it a bit more recognisable so I didn’t have to correct people ALL the time

  2. Hey my name is ciara in Irish its CÌARA

  3. I loved the spelling of Ciara, but misread it to be pronounced ‘ Ki-rah’ so that is what my daughter is called. People just accept it when I pronounce her name so think she will forgive me.

  4. I actually hate my name trying to find what it is in English so I will get my name said right

  5. My name is Ciara and I used to depise my name so much. Every where I went I would get called ‘Sierra’ or ‘Key-a-ra’, it frustrated me alot! But as I’ve grown older I can see the beauty in my name. I think Ciara is a beautiful name and very graceful. I love the meaning ”dark”, because it also means “dark hair and dark eyes”, which describes me very well. I love this name!

  6. My name is Ciara and I pronounce it similar to the R&B singer. Moreover, I was born in the early 80’s and therefore pronounce it similar to the Revlon Perfume. Furthermore, I am Hispanic and was born with the Spanish pronunciation of the word Cia-ra. I am very proud of my name because of the connection to the Irish Saint. I feel that the pronunciation of a proper noun is based on the origin of the individual who is being named. Although it is a Irish name, I am a very successful Colombian-American teacher and have graciously corrected anyone who is referring to me by my name. I strongly believe in diversity and acceptance of individuality. I feel we should accept one another instead of being hurtful to each others’ culture and language. :)

  7. Hi,

    I would love to seek your expertise here, see, i just named my newborn baby girl as Ciara, and I pronounce it as SEE AR RAH. im pretty surprise when i read the late author Frank McCourt pronounced it as KEE RAH. May i know, in this case what would be the most proper way of pronouncing this name or, i would say it merely depends on where this people from. i know the origin of this name is from Irish, which is why Irish pronounced it as KEE RAH based on the Irish tone but if we are looking at worldwide perspective, ‘generally’ what would be best described the pronunciation of this name Ciara? Kindly enlighten i dont want to be ended up calling my daughter name wrongly for the rest of her life. in Malaysia, KEE RAH sounds like KIRA, which means ‘count’. Hence i dont think this name is useable generally if its called KEE RAH in Malaysia and Indonesia. Can i say its wrong to read it as SEE AR RAH? Thanks

    • Frank pronounced it correctly, I am Irish and my sister is called Ciara and that Keerah is the correct way to say it. It is a common name in Ireland and unfortunately a singer’s mom spelled her name wrong and people think it should Sierra like the mountains, So either you spell her like the mountains or the Spanish word, or learn to say it the proper Irish way. People are butchering names and since Ciara has been around since the 6th Century I think the Irish way is the only way. Sorry

      • I was on a few sites for my name Ciara, and it really hurt me when I found out my parents pronounced it SEE – AR – AH and it was actually KEE-AR-AH . Does it really matter how you say it ?

    • No, it is pronounced KEE-RA. There is no other variation on the pronunciation of the name.

    • Kee rah is the correct way to pronounce it. It might seem petty but it annoys me when people say it wrongly. It is an Irish name, and although other languages and countires may all speak differently, I think if you are going to chose a name fromIreland, then you should respect their pronounceation. If I was going to use a name from France, Spain or anywhere else, I would use their way of saying it. Accents are one thing, but when you ignore a languages rules on how to use the language, then you are just butchering it. Ciara is such a nice name (altough extremley common in Ireland). There are names out there from other countries which are pronounced KIRA, SEE-AR-RAH and every other which name. SO if you want to be called, or call your child a name which is pronounced in this way, then I would recommend looking at those countries (sorry, I dont know what they are. Although I think Italy has a see-ar-rah name).

      If you are using Ciara because of its links to Ireland, then respect the Irish language.

    • It makes me sad that people are against my name apparently….my mom has pronounced it see-air-rah since the day I was born and have always loved my name dearly. It represents my deep Irish and Scottish origins, yet to hear people say ‘there is no variation to it’ crushes me. I have no disrespect to the Irish language…I believe it is a beautiful name however it is pronounced.

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