Meaning of the Irish name Mairead. Listen and learn how to pronounce Mairead so you can get the correct pronunciation for this Irish girl name.

MEANING: The Irish form of Margaret, it became popular around the fourteenth century.

GENDER: Girl | Female

IRISH NAME: Mairead Muiread

PRONUNCIATION: “mawr + aid” , “mur + aid”

ENGLISH: Margaret

AUDIO: (Listen to the late author Frank McCourt pronounce Mairead and read along with the meaning)

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Play Audio for Mairead


  1. Mairead says

    My name is always getting said wrong. People can’t spell or say it. All my friends have nick names like Bella, for Isabelle and I have never had a nick name and probably never will.

  2. Mairead says

    My name has been constantly mispronounced since I started school. I had a substitute teacher once who became so frustrated trying to pronounce my name that she ended up calling marmalade, parade, and bandaid.

  3. Mairead says

    Hearing people trying to pronounce Mairead is amusing but seeing how people spell it is better … I’ve seen my name spelled so many different ways … Maraid Maraide and Maried … Its great being a Mairead!

  4. Mairead says

    It’s always funny when a substitute tries to say my name. I’ve heard so many variations. Last year I won the regional spelling bee, and my principal tried to say my name over the loudspeaker. She said May-re-ad O’ Sh-ee-a. My name is Mairead O’Shea.

  5. Mairead says

    More correctly pronounced Mar-raid (As in the related name Mar-gar-et) . Stems from greek word ‘margaron’/margaritēs meaning white flower or pearl. Pronouncation varies due to placement of the fada’s above the vowels. (‘e’ with a fada placed above it sounds like the english ‘A’)

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