Meaning of the Irish name Siobhan. Listen and learn how to pronounce Siobhan so you can get the correct pronunciation for this Irish girl name.

MEANING: Siobhan is another Irish form of Joan meaning “God is gracious.” A popular name in Ireland where the anglicised versions are often used. Siobhan McKenna, an Irish actress who died in 1986, was considered by many as a woman who personified all that was good about being Irish.

GENDER: Girl | Female


PRONUNCIATION: shiv + awn”

ENGLISH: Shevaun, Shavon, Chevonne

AUDIO: (Listen to the late author Frank McCourt pronounce Siobhan and read along with the meaning)

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  1. siobhan says

    Im Siobhan, I never had a problem with my name only time I remember was an American trying to pronounce it very funny!!!!
    I was called Shiv all my life by my friends and my family always called me Vauny.
    I love my good, strong, Irish name.

  2. Siobhan says

    I, too, am “Siobhan” and was not given a middle name because my mother figured that one was enough! (and I agree). Growing up, at times, the name was quite trying and frustrating. I tried to come up with a nick-name and nothing ever really stuck. I hated my name. Now, looking back, such a unique name with such an “unusual” spelling certainly gave me confidence, strength, allowed me to make friends more quickly (classmates would correct the teacher before I ever had to speak up) and made me stand out from the crowd in an unforgettable way. Even today, many people still struggle pronouncing it, even family members sometimes mess up the spelling, and those close to me all seem to have their own special nick names for me (Sio, Soybean, Shivy, Von, etc) and I’ve grown to love them all. But most of all, I do love and enjoy my unique and special name and wouldn’t change it for the world. I am now expecting a baby girl this coming summer and we are struggling to come up with a name as unique and pretty as Siobhan–proving quite difficult to find.

  3. Kiera says

    My name,Kiera, isn’t on the site Kiernan is and also Kieran is but it’s unfair my name’s never in anything. Even christmas cards! To Ciara/Karia/Keea/Kiria/Kira,…….
    [I know a few of them were real names but still not mine!]

  4. Shivonne says

    I swear, growing up, I thought my mother hated me. Growing up as the oldest of five, I was the only of us who had a “weird” name. My siblings’ names are all generic, and come with cute nicknames, difficult to come by with a name like mine, unless you were making fun of it. I had a computer auto-correct my name to “shave-on”. That became a mantra as I’d walk the halls, as that was the same time “Karate Kid” became popular(shave-on, shave-off). As I grew older, though, I found that people would tell me what a gorgeous name, for such a pretty face. I have now a strong love for my name, although I wish my mother had spelled it Siobhan. It’s definitely a conversation starter(where in the WORLD did your mother pull THAT from?!?) and it always seems to define my character, as no one with a name such as ours could ever be slightly forgettable, and my name gives me a sort of confidence that I don’t believe I could possess I my name were “Bobby-Jo” or “Mandy”. It holds a certain strength to it.

  5. Siobhán says

    My name is Siobhán and I like it! I never had any problems spelling it as a child. By the way the proper traditional way to spell it is Siobhán with the accent. But you can spell it without the accent. Sometimes I do just for ease as it can confuse people a bit but on my birth certificate it has the accent

  6. Josy says

    Hi everyone…. could anyone help me pls…. I really love the name Siobhan, but searching on the internet I found that it can be spelt differently (Shivon) having the same meaning `god is gracious’. I like them both. Now am really confused how to name my child which is due on December. Thanks :-)

    • Siobhan says

      Hi, my name is Siobhan and the most common spelling of it is Siobhan. All the other ones are just how it sounds.

    • Shivonne says

      My mother spelled my name Shivonne, to be more phonetic than the traditional Siobhan, but as I grow older, more people guess the traditionally spelled name than the way my name is actually spelled. I would have preferred, if given the choice, to have it spelled the Gaelic way, Siobhan.

  7. Tiffani says

    I know I will get killed for saying this, but I want to name my daughter this, but I really like the phonetic pronunciation of the name such as “Sio- Bhan”, exactly how it looks. It is so cute and pretty sounding. Again, I will probably get hated for making such a comment, but I fell in love with it for that reason, and just learned how it was supposed to sound after coming to this website.

  8. siobhain says

    This is my name too. But my mum spelt it with an extra I this has got really problems. People have got used to the spelling but I have put a spanner in the works. It’s great fun seeing people strugle lol

  9. Siobhan Ecaterina says

    I have to say it was really cool being able to read all the comments. I don’t feel so alone anymore, haha. I have met one Siobhan and a few people that know someone with the name. Very few people know how to pronounce it and aside from the difficulty getting a job because no one wants to call you to butcher your name I have grown to love it. I knew how to spell it when I was 2, but when I am tired I sometimes start to spell it like it sounds (oops). I had one person ask me if my name was really soy-ban when I was a teenager and that actually became a nickname for a while. It was always fun waiting to see what the teachers would come up with when they saw it for the first time.

    • Shivonne says

      Oh my lord! Even without the spelling the (dare I say) correct way, the way people can butcher it!! And worse, besides English teachers not making the “e” silent after the double “nn”, was the way people assume you to be one color skinned or another!!

  10. Siobhan says

    I love the name Siobhan! I was given the name not only for being Irish but my grandmother’s name is Joan and my mother’s name is Joanne. People always seem to pronounce it wrong, I am called Sio-Bon and Sio. It makes me proud to say my name is Gaelic. All Siobhan’s should honor their special name! :)

  11. Siobhan says

    I go to a french school since preschool and almost everyone get’s it wrong the first few times. But all of my classmates are used to it so as soon as we get a substitute teacher that sits there for a couple seconds before saying my name for attendance they all yell my name at the same time. I just find it funny. I get lot’s of compliments on my name. I also really love my name.<3

  12. Karen says

    I named my daughter in 1979, Shavaun. Reason for the spelling is, my mother’s friend was a school teacher and she said to do my child a favor and spell it the way it sounds. Therefore the spelling. Shavaun was named for the character, Siobhan Ryan, on the soap opera Ryan’s Hope.

  13. Siobhan says

    What an awesome name! Hehe! When I was little I used to play around with the kids in my class and bet none of them could spell my name (I love to win) and this was always an easy triumph. It’s always funny on the first day of school to hear all the teachers try and pronounce it.. Usually if they’re smart they’ll just say “I’m going to butcher this next name…” And then I’ll politely raise my hand and say “here!” Hahah. I like how unique my name is and it’s always a special treat to meet another Siobhan. Only thing I didn’t like when I was growing up is they never had my name on keychains etc. however I would always keep looking.. My mom always told me that it was Okay that they didn’t sell things with my name, because then I always got specialty personalizing done. My mom actually picked out the name from a soap opera she use go watch when she was thirteen (born in 65) and she liked it ever sense! My sisters names are Sarah and Deirdre, so i think we all lucked out with pretty names. I like the idea of giving my daughter it as a middle name.. How fun to keep the tradition going!

  14. me says

    Correct spelling is Siobhán (that is a ‘fada’ over the a at the end) to indicate how it is pronounced.

  15. Siobhan Grobbelaar says

    I sit with the same problem, people laugh about the spelling, but it happens. we have a unique name and alot of people also tell me it is a very beautiful name. i get called ‘Sio’ , quite amusing :) But many people DO NOT know how to say it.

  16. Yvonne Healy says

    I met Siobhan McKenna in the early 60’s…her son was Donnacha O’Dea and a friend of a friend of mine in Waterford….Donnacha was a very good swimmer and represented Ireland in the 1968 Olympics….Siobhan, his mother unfortunately died when she was in her early 60’s…..she was a beautiful lady. Just. Little trivia

  17. Siobhan says

    Yes, I see that this name is becoming very popular. When I hear that someone has my name, the first thing I ask is, how do you spell it. Jus tlike everyone else, it is funny how soooo many people say my name incorrectly. Coming up my little brother could never say my name, so he called me Bhan Bhan. He is 28 yrs old and still calls me that. Like some people, I used to hate whne people said my name wrong, but as I got older I realized that my name was unique because no one could say it, or I was the only one. Now i have many of my friends calling me different names, Sio, Sha- Bhan Bhan, Bhan, Shevvy. Now I have people asking me if my name is spelled right because it doesn’t look right. If I every have a girl I would love to give this to her as her middle name to keep this unique name going.

    • Siobhán says

      My insurance company swears it’s spelled Goldihan and all my friends call me Sho cause not a one can spell it or pronounce it correctly. The best is waiting for my name to be called, so used to it I just answer to anything remotely close.

  18. Sarah says

    Have a distant cousin with the name but her spelling of it is ‘Siobhian’ not seen many with it spelt that way
    Grandparents and ancestors ALL Irish!! Lucky Us!!!
    Have quite a few Irish names in the family although now all mostly in England.
    Have to say ‘Fabulous Site’ I was searching for they spelling of an Irish name when I came upon it.

  19. Siobhan says

    I absolutely love my name…but I remember being furious when I was 6 and another girl joined my school with the name Siobhan hahaha! the pronunciations are hilarious though- most people just refer to me as “Sio”, “Shivvy” or “Shev”. hahaha!

  20. Siobhan Hayes says

    My Irish grandmother had only sons, and then only grandsons, and as her only grand daughter she really wanted me to be Siobhan. Born and raised in Ireland, she actually knew Siobhan McKenna, and she always wanted the next girl in the family to have the name. So happy it worked out for me because I love my name! After a while, you just have to laugh at the various mispronounciations. I had a boss call me “Sibo” for a whole year. He was a genius…

  21. Siobhan Nicole Williams says

    Boy I never knew there were so many people named Siobhan,well I am d only one around here and everybody thinks its so neat but my mother pronounce it different we say Su- bhan and in school everybody called me c-o-bu-han I hated that,but getting on this site teach me a lot about my name…thanks

  22. Siobhan says

    This is my name as well, my mom’s bff’s name was Joan. Hated being called Sio-ban coming up as a child by people who had no clue. Lol

  23. Laurie says

    I named my daughter Jessica Siobhan. I was always afraid no one would be able to pronounce it correctly. So we gave it to her as her middle name. She loves the name and wants to pass it on to her daughter, if she has one someday.

  24. Sioban says

    My name without the H and with a ~ above the “a”and a . above the b. Say it the same. I was told that ban combined with Sio and the accents ment “Pure White” and Joan. Intresting…..

  25. Siobhan says

    Think I’m one of the oldest Siobhans. Bar the Irish actress Siobhan McKenna
    Any Siobhan out there older than 57?

  26. Siobhan says

    My name is Siobhan and my grandmothers name was joan so i guess that makes sense. its just really annoying that no one pronounces it right even after 7 years in school the teachers were still getting it wrong.

  27. John Watson says

    arnold schwarzenegger was pressured to change his last name as an up and coming actor but remarked that once people learn it they’ll never forget it. He was right so hang in there and maybe write it phonetic so others see how to pronounce it:: shiv + awn”

  28. Siobhan says

    That’s my name too !!!
    But most of my classmates don’t know how to pronounce it , i’ve tried many attempts , but it didn’t work ;(

  29. Siobhan says

    I’ve had my great name for decades now, and finally researched the true Irish Gaelic root of it: it comes from Sidhe Bhan, which became Siobhan, Sidhe means “fairy” and Bhan means “white, so Siobhan = White Fairy. This makes much more sense than Siobhan = “Joan”. The English during colonization of Ireland sought to take the Irish language away from the people, and anglicizing Irish names became common practice.

    • Eric says

      I like your researched meaning for the origin of the name. It does make more sense than it being the (or an) Irish version of Joan. I had come across the name Siobhan (or Sioban) a few times in my life, but had never heard it pronounced (I just used the phonetic ‘see-oh-ban’ in my head when I read it) and did not have the internet or someone who knew for sure to ask back then. I’ve been reading the Twilight books and came across the name and decided to look up how to properly pronounce it (thanks to this site :-).

      BTW, I’ve sort of fallen in love with Siobhan’s “coven junior-member” Maggie; cute AND deadly, Meeee-OW!!! =^_^=

  30. kaity says

    i never knew how to pronounce this name…
    it always confused me. but its actually really pritt.
    not sure i like the meaning though… :|~


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